Where to host a social event for a conference in Washington DC?
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I am hosting a small professional conference in Washington DC in September. Where is a good place to hold an evening social event for 50-75 people? In or near Georgetown is good, but something uniquely DC elsewhere can work as well.

I am looking for a nice venue to hold a social event as part of a conference I am helping to put together. We expect 50-75 or so people, primarily a mix of academics and law enforcement. The date is a Monday night in September. Ideally there would be a cash-bar so people could hang out and talk, then seated dinner. Also, it would be easy and cheap to park, though I know that is hard. Let's say we limit the cost to $100 per person, just for sake of argument.

Most people will be staying around Georgetown, so somewhere nearby is good, but a special, DC-ish location elsewhere is also a possibility.
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Best answer: You could give 1789 a shot. It's a very Georgetown, very DC restaurant with private party rooms and valet parking. There are also a bunch of restaurants on the Waterfront, although some of them are a little neon light depressing. However, Farmers & Fishers has a pretty nicely designed space, and might be worth taking a look at. Hopefully these will fall within the budget, but the 10% F&B tax and additional service charges might push you over.
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Would one of these dinner cruises on the Potomac be a possibility? I have been on them a couple of times for corporate meetings and dinners and quite honestly it was very enjoyable and made a nice change from a hotel or restaurant. It may been just within your $100 a head budget.
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Response by poster: Farmers and Fishers it was, and it turned out well. Thanks!
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