An embryo grows in Brooklyn
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Can you recommend a midwife in Brooklyn? Or anything else about being pregnant and planning care in NYC?

I am looking to make my first appointment with a midwife. We're in Brooklyn, so I'm looking for recommendations there, but I guess I could also go with a someone in Manhattan, too. I have Oxford insurance.

I don't know anyone who has gone through this, and it's too soon to tell friends and family who might actually know someone who could help. If you've recently been pregnant in Brooklyn, do you have any advice on how I can go about finding someone good? Thanks in advance.
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Go here.
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Also, congratulations.
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Thanks BobbyDigital. I am particularly looking for personal recommendations; there are 245 midwives covered by my insurance in a 10 mile radius, so I need to narrow it down.
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You might try asking on the Bococa Parents or Park Slope Parents groups on Yahoo Groups (or depending on which neighborhood you are in, there may be a "closer" group).
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I'm going to just assume you are in or near Park Slope. My wife has found the Park Slope Parents website useful on many occasions. Here's their page on midwives.
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Er, what sad_otter said.
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I gave birth last October, with Park Slope Midwives, who deliver at Methodist Hospital on 7th Avenue in Park Slope. Would definitely not recommend--Memail me if you want details.

Friends of mine have liked Stacy Rees at Clementine (though I'm not sure she takes your insurance), and Joan Bryson.

I found that there are no ideal birthing options in New York, odd as that sounds, and with the recent closing of St. Vincent's that's only gotten worse.
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My friend from nursing school is a midwife in Brooklyn. She and two other local midwives teach a wonderful prenatal class, the website, Bklynbirth, will give you more info. Congratulations!
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