Help me find this lost song!
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Help me find this song! It's barbershop-style, and the line I remember for sure is "I just want to go to your house, and spend some time with you." More details after the jump.

The lyrics I remember go something like this, but I'm only reasonably sure of the last line:

I don't want to go to China, I don't want to go to France
I don't want to go to India for love or for romance
I don't want to go to Africa or sail the ocean blue
I just want to go to your house, and spend some time with you!"

It was classical barbershop style. I don't remember if there was instrumentation or not. I heard the song on our local alt/indie radio station (KEXP / KCMU) probably ten years ago -- long enough ago that their archives don't go back that far, at any rate. Googling the lyrics has brought me absolutely nothing. This song has been a persistent earworm for a decade, PLUS I need it for a mix tape.

Have any of you heard this song, know anything about this song, know what my lyrical error is that I can't find it on Google, ANYTHING?
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Best answer: I know this song as "I Don't Wanna" by the Asylum Street Spankers, but they do a lot of old-timey music and the song may be older. It's on Hot Lunch, which came out in 1999 and may be the version you know.
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Best answer: ETA: Amazon has the preview so you can see if it's what you remember.
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Doesn't ring a bell for me, but you could try posting to the Yahoo group for Sweet Adelines (women) or for Barbershop Harmony Society (men) and I'll bet someone will be able to help you identify it or give you more info.
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Response by poster: immlass, THAT IS THE SONG. I am hyperventilating. Holy Shit metafilter is awesome why didn't I post this the minute I signed up.
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