Non-irritating dog harness for pup with sensitive armpits?
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Can you recommend a dog harness that won't irritate my little dog's sensitive skin on her armpits?

One of my dogs has sensitive skin. She's got short hair, and her armpits have barely any hair, and her skin just irritates easily.

I had been using the Easy Walk (which I also use for her brother, who has no similar sensitivities - he's also more than double her size, and has pretty much nothing in common with the little one; we think their was a "milkman" involved), but she gets raw underneath (she also gets irritated in the collar area sometimes). The harness isn't too tight, it just rubs her the wrong way.

It seems like something like this might be good, but I can't tell from the picture if it would relieve the problem because it would still pass under her front shoulders, just maybe not as closely/roughly?

Anyone with a similar experience have any advice? Thanks!
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No direct experience with this issue, but your question reminded me of my own neck sometimes getting irritated from my car's seat belt. So what about buying/sewing/hacking together a pint-sized seat belt sleeve for the harness? Search for "seat belt protectors." But it seems you could just rig one with a soft piece of fleece or terry cloth, and pin it into place. Or - could she wear a doggie t-shirt under the harness?

I am interested in the responses to this question though. My little dog always seems annoyed by the collar and leash we normally use, so I'm looking for a comfortable harness for him.
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Best answer: I have that Puppia harness for my 14 lb cockapoo and it doesn't pass under his armpits and seems pretty comfortable. Its fairly soft as well. It doesn't hurt that its totally cute either.
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It's not really a harness, but my dog responded really well to the Halti.
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I also use the Halti for both my Chihuahua and English Lab. It doesn't irritate their muzzle. They can still lick, chew, bark, drink, eat with it on. I have better control over them than when I used a body harness.
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Best answer: I use the Puppia on both of my dogs and the edge of it sits well away from their armpits (even considering that it's a bit small on one of them). The fabric is quite soft. I bought it specifically because one of my dogs got a horrible armpit abrasion from one of the nylon webbing harnesses. The Puppia also durable--I've used the same one daily on one of the dogs for 3-1/2 years and it's as good as new.
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Have you looked in to the gentle leader harness'? My dog got over all pulling and walking issue's once she started using them. They work by putting a leash over the dog's muzzle, as opposed to around the chest, as you current harness works. Gentle Leader does not restrict the dog like a muzzle though, they are free to open and close their mouth.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the great answers. I have considered the muzzle ones, but she also has a pretty sensitive face - her eyes and lips sometimes get red from allergies. Also, I put the two of them on a splitter sometimes (kind of a funny, Mini-me effect) and I'm not sure how that would work.
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Response by poster: Also, she doesn't have major pulling problems (er, unless she sees a squirrel...).
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We sewed a sock to the Easy Walk harness straps for our pup. It looks a little funky, but works really well for abrasion resistance purposes.
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