Collecting/numbering tax documents of different filetypes and exporting to PDF or Word.
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Does anyone know of a program for Windows 2000/XP that will bring several different types of document files and image files together into one interface? This application should be able to reorder and renumber the pages accordingly. Also the tool must be able to export the end product into a universal format such as PDF or Word.

My company will use this tool to build our tax returns. As I understand it, our returns consist of a collection of output from several sources: Hard copies scanned to .TIF images, PDFs, XLS files, DOC files, etc. Last year we started using Xerox PaperPort to scan in all the hard copies, reorder and renumber pages, but the renumbering of pages, in particular, was incredibly laborious. Pages are added and removed from the return on a constant basis almost to the zero hour, so the renumbering of pages needs to be a very accessible and simple-to-use feature.

Any recommendations on an application that will fulfill this need or suggestions on how to better the creation of the return are appreciated.

p.s. this question is from my friend Sublivious.
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There may be a more specialized answer, but Adobe InDesign will do this (and much much more).
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Another vote for InDesign, but it takes a couple of weeks to get really smooth at it. There's a lot of power under the hood.
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Microsoft Onenote is pretty good for collating information from a range of sources, and you can drag and drop sub-pages of a notebook to arrange them. There's a trial version available here;

I know it's Microsoft Office, and therefore evil:), but this program is really good. I've been using it to keep track of simulations that I'm doing (includes images, text, screenshots etc).
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