I'm aware the real best answer is to just ignore them
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Is it possible to hide someone's comments from my facebook feed?

So, there is a person on facebook whom I really don't care for, and would be glad not to be reminded of. Unfortunately, this person and I have many mutual friends, and they frequently comment on those friends' news feed items.

Is there a Greasemonkey script that would somehow hide this person's comments from me? Better Facebook has a content hider, but it seems to only look at the original item, not the comments. The comments are what's key here.
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Best answer: Block them from your preferences - that will do exactly what you describe. The only downside is that you may be confused in threads later on, as other people respond to comments they've left that you can't see.
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You don't need a Greasemonkey script, the functionality you want is baked into Facebook.
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Facebook has a "hide" function. It's a button right next to their name. I don't know if that hides their comments, though, in addition to their posts.
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If you block someone, you won't see their comments on mutual friends' posts. I believe they won't be able to see yours, either, though, so this won't be totally undetectable to them.
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Response by poster: Gah, I totally forgot about blocking. Thanks, everyone.
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Blocking may not be the entire answer. http://www.facebook.com/help/?faq=16270 says:

"Blocking allows you to prevent most interactions with someone on Facebook. People you block ... will not be able to see your Wall posts, comments on mutual friends’ Walls, or that you are a member of the same group as them.

"They will, however, see your comments on content that is posted by a mutual friend. You will see their comments as well."
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On the other hand, I just tested it and it looks as if it might work anyway. I see a post by a mutual friend, and people are replying to the blocked person in the comments but his original post is invisible.
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"They will, however, see your comments on content that is posted by a mutual friend. You will see their comments as well."

I think Facebook is wrong (big surprise there). I block someone who I know comments on our mutual friends posts all the time, and I don't see her comments.
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Yeah, now that I am testing it, it looks as if they really are blocked in that case. Which is nice, because I think for a lot of people, that's the circumstance in which you'd really want the blocking.
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