Blues Harp in the Fog
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Where in San Francisco can I find a harmonica teacher who can help me learn to play; and more importantly improvise. (blues and rock specifically)

I know that improvisation is a good deal music theory. I am willing to delve into that.

My family is full of musicians and I want to be able to jam with them. Whenever we get together they eventually pull out their instruments and start to play. I have always loved the sound of the harmonica and want to be able to pull one out in 6-10 months and play along with them.
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Response by poster: I should mention that I am great at book learning. So technique and ear training are going to be important.
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While you're looking for a local teacher, you might want to get started downloading lessons from Adam Gussow at His instruction is top notch and well worth the money.
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Just play along with records. Not kidding. Fun.
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