Looking for the low-down on Cal Poly Pomona
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Cal Poly Pomona - need some pointers!

My daughter will begin her freshman year at Cal Poly Pomona this Fall. Looking for any advice, tips, suggestions, helpful anecdotes, etc., that will help her make the adjustment and know what to expect - both from an academic and a social standpoint.

My daughter is pretty outgoing, fun-loving, smart, good-hearted, and is always interested in something new and different (fortunately, she takes after her mother).

From an academic standpoint, she's always done exceedingly well in school and is very disciplined in her approach to her schoolwork. She's wanting to get into the hospitality/restaurant management program, with the eventual desire to own her own restaurant.

From a social standpoint, she has a wide variety of interests. She's a vegetarian, she likes vintage clothing, she loves all forms of media - movies, books, music, art, etc.

Please send me suggestions to pass on to her. Thanks!
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If she's a fan of anything equine, she should definitely check out the Arabians.
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Seconding the Arabians, and she should also explore the campus a lot. It's really big, and has lots of cool nature. In the springtime, she should visit the farm and watch piglets and other baby animals. The farm store is a great place to shop for fresh vegetables. She might enjoy hanging out in nearby Claremont, particularly Claremont Village which has lots of nice independent shops, restaurants, etc.
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The downtown/old town area of Pomona (around The Glass House) has live music, vintage clothing places, restaurants/cafes, little shops, a nice little used bookstore, and (I think) a record store.
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