Help an NYC comedian put on a PGH show, pleaaase!
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Pittsburghfilter: Help me help my favorite comedian put on a show here!

I know there a few dozen burghers on here and I could really use some help.

My favoritest comedian, Ben Lerman sent me a facebook message today stating that he'd like to do a show in Pittsburgh on June 26. One month away! If you don't want to click the link, he is a musical comedian, playing the ukulele. He has a decent following from his appearances on Keith and the Girl, but no real Pittsburgh audience, (aside from my boyfriend and me.)

For starters, he needs a place to play. Ideally he'd play a house show, but I have no house, and I don't think my mom will volunteer hers. Has anyone ever done anything like this? Any ideas on a place to rent out or any bars to approach to ask? (He suggested a private room at a bar or restaurant?) Maybe a park (that would allow alcohol)? I am really clueless. (I'd be willing to front some money, whether in terms of renting something or paying people's covers)

Also, the other thing I need help with, he would like to include some Pittsburgh based comedy in the show, but I have nooooo idea if we have any groups or people around here that would do something like this. Any names or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Ben is one of the funniest and sweetest people I've ever met, so I'd really like to make his Pittsburgh experience awesome.

Also, you are all invited when I figure this all out!
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What about Brillobox? They've had smaller, alternative-type gigs. You could shoot them an email at

My apartment's pretty small, but we could fit 25 or so people in here.

And wow, apparently there are shelters in the Pittsburgh parks where you can have alcohol. Here's a pdf with some info. It looks like they're pretty sought-after, though, so you might have to be flexible with location/date.
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Get in touch with Manny at Garfield Artworks.
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