School's out for summer! Now what?
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Where can a new librarian find a freelance work with an online reference service this summer?

I’m just about finished with my first year as a school librarian and I’m definitely looking forward to my first summer (yay!). I want to find a job this summer to keep me occupied and provide me with some spending cash. I have some trips planned and don’t really want to be tied down to one location, so a traditional summer job is out. I’m looking for freelance or online reference jobs that I could do from home (or wherever I find myself this summer) for about 5-10 hours a week.

I live in Ohio and I’ve looked at online references and tutoring services like (, but the ones I’ve looked at don’t seem to ever hire new librarians. I’ve worked at a reference desk, so I do have some experience answering research questions. If it matters, I’m certified as library media specialist in both Ohio and Pennsylvania. My background is in high school English education, so I’d also be open freelance writing and editing jobs.
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My information may be out of date, but have you tried (paid) and/or the Internet Public Library (volunteer)? If you can earn money in some other way, volunteering at the IPL might be a great way to get some experience.
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