Six weeks of volunteering?
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My new job starts August 1. From about June 13 to July 28, I'll be in Boston with nothing to do. It's a big block of time, and I have money saved from past jobs, so I've been thinking of volunteering in Haiti or on the Gulf Coast. Is there a good way to do either of these things? Is there cool stuff for me to do locally instead? (I do know about Boston Cares, but they would send me to a different place every day and I'd prefer more committed work if it's available.)
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Best answer: How about volunteering for a soup kitchen regularly or something like that?

Those places always need help, and I'm sure they'd love a committed person for 5 - 6 weeks.
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Best answer: Oh, meant to add. There's a large one at the Paulist Center at Park St. I see people lined up outside on my way home from work.

The Arlington St Church, I think, too has a Friday Night Supper Club, or used to.
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Best answer: I think Haiti is still best left to the professionals unless you have specific skills like health care. By the Gulf Coast you may be thinking of the oil spill, for which I don't think there's much anybody can do, but there is still need for people to volunteer for Katrina recovery work. Habitat NOLA has a good system setup for people to sign up online and does great stuff.
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Best answer: You can volunteer for the Gulf Coast cleanup. They are paying the volunteers between $10 and $18/hour. The Deepwater Horizon Response site has a page with contact information for volunteers.
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Best answer: Agree with hydropsyche about Haiti. The answers in this thread and this thread pretty much say it all.

The National Geographic Intelligent Travel blog lists some ways to volunteer on the Gulf Coast.
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Response by poster: Thank you to everyone! I've checked all these out, and it does look like there's plenty of work to do right around Boston (although I'll keep an eye on the New Orleans and oil spill websites too).
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