suprise my sweetie at the airport
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[]: picking my sweetie up from the airport after many days away.

what are some fun things to do for her? i've thought of a banner. i don't really have limo driver clothing but thought about that. funny/creative/romantic, all of the above ideas would be appreciated :)
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You know, I'm all for romantic gestures and everything, but I think parking the car, waiting at arrivals, and giving her the biggest. hug. ever. is the right way to go here.
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best airport pickup i had -- a bone-crunching hug, sweet kiss, a small flower that got pinned to my coat, luggage carrying, followed by favorite snack on my carseat for ride home (the drive was about 30 mins to home), arriving home to a dinner of my favorite takeout and a downloaded marathon of a tv show that i liked, my cat with a bow and "welcome home" sign around his neck (he was very good natured), and my favourite beer. major win!
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A similar thread from last month. My $.02: greet her at arrivals, have lots of food/drink/movies/fun ready at home.
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the sweetest welcome back that i've gotten was a single flower at the airport and then the rest of the bouquet waiting at home on the dining room table with dinner ready. simple, thoughtful, sweet.
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You know, it might just be because it's 85 degrees out and I feel too hot already, or because I'm weary from working all day, but I think it would be the neatest thing if someone picked me up and had a nice little cooler full of ice and cold, cold cider/beer/drink-o-choice waiting for me in the car.
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Or, to follow on the flower idea:

Give her a flower when you first see her.
Stash another couple of flowers inside the car.
Surprise! More flowers when she first gets inside your home.
Woot! More flowers at the dinner table.

Maybe you can tie ribbons around each set of flowers with a word or two attached, so that at the very end, the words complete a full sentence.

Follow home scenarios suggested above.
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Do you live together? Thoroughly clean the house for her arrival.
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Think of everything she may have missed and arrange the ride home so that she progressively gets more and more of them. Her favourite chocolate when you meet her,a magazine waiting in the car, stop off at her favourite cafe on the way home, where you have her favourite comfy clothes waiting, with reservations at her favourite restaurant for later.
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The best thing to see at an airport is a familiar smiling face waiting for you. She will probably be wiped out from traveling and the flight, so I bet a quick trip home followed by no-pressure relaxation would be appreciated far more than elaborate airport gestures. If she's anything like me, the clean-house/takeout/television ideas appeal much more than dinner out or anything like that.
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Yes! Limo driver clothing- why not don a suit, huge reflective glasses, and a handlebar mustache. You could hold a sign with her name on it to greet her when she comes through the arrivals gate, drive her all the way home in a rented limo then run around the back of the house, let yourself in through the back door and greet her with another sign with a mustachioed heart on it.
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Re cranberrymonger, have you done the laundry already?
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A friend of ours picked us up from the airport when we arrived home after being in London for 7 weeks. He was waiting for us at the baggage claim, with all of our luggage. He grabbed it all for us while we were going through customs and making the long trek to baggage claim from the arrival gate. That was the nicest thing he could have done at that point because we were just able to grab everything and head straight to the car.
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Oh, also, our friend took us straight to our favorite restaurant where his wife and two of our other very good friends were waiting for us! It was dinnertime when he picked us up so it was really quite lovely to immediately sit down, have a drink, and start catching up.
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i have already done the laundry, swept and mopped, cleaned the kitchen and the bathroom. :) and replaced light bulbs. and the cat is still alive! a miracle! :)
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i like it when bf runs as soon as he sees me and i get picked up and swung around and hugged and kissed in a stupidly PDA manner :) having my luggage carried and hand held right after are a nice plus. and dinner or lunch or a snack ready when we get home. it's the simple things! i travel often so i don't expect a scene from a movie whenever i get picked up, even if i've been gone for long, but it's the little things that matter :)
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Some of my favorite pick-ups have been when I was greeted with a giant hug, given something cool and refreshing (cold water and an apple), then brought home to a clean house where I didn't have to do anything that night.

This was true for going home from college (picked up by parents) and coming home from work trips (picked up by husband).

Sometimes he gives me massages too, which are just the thing for post-work-trip/post-travel stress.
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Nthing a big hug, a snack and a drink in the car, and coming home to a clean house. You're awesome, Anya32!
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I always feel a little grubby and icky after getting off a plane - maybe some sort of moist towelette in the car to freshen up with - and her favourite hand lotion
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The limo driver clothing sounds very rawr! But even if it's just a drink in the car and coming home to a clean house, you're doing it right. Airplane flights can be very exhausting/annoying and a quiet, peaceful time sounds awesome.
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so i did a combo - a huge huge hug at the airport gate, water and farmer's market strawberries in the car, a big welcome in chalk on the front steps of the very clean inside house. thanks for all of your suggestions! i was going to do the limo driver outfit, but ran out of time. :)
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ps all your answers were awesome. i don't care if i'm "best answering" all of you!
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