Seeking old Sierra Club ads
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Seeking old Sierra Club ads: Back in the Seventies, the Sierra Club used to have a pro-nuclear power stance and had an ad campaign called "Atoms, Not Dams." Their focus was on saving rivers, as might be inferred. It was only later that they had an ideological split and took on an anti-nuclear stance. I'd like to find some of their literature from those early days of the "Atoms, Not Dams" era, but evidence of that seems to be wiped from memory (and from the Internet, as far as I can tell). I'd give my eyeteeth for an "Atoms, Not Dams" T-Shirt with "Sierra Club" on the back.
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You've probably already got these but: two hits for "Atoms, Not Dams" in Google Books.
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If you can find a image, you could have one printed to duplicate it.
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Off-topic, but I wish those days were still around. I'd rather have easily sequester-able waste, even long-lived, rather than pollution spewed into the air or water or rivers irreversibly damaged.
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The Sierra Club archives are at UC Berkely, maybe they might have newsletters form the 70s with ads or graphics in them.
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There's also the William E. Colby Memorial Library; I don't know if it's the same as the one in Berkely. If you click on their "online collection" link I notice that it's under construction ("Coming in 2010!"), so if they're in the process of selecting stuff to digitize you might email them and ask them specifically to look for something like that and put it online.
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