Men's haircut in Toronto - 2010 edition
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Having viewed the previous threads from 2008, I thought it might be time for an update. Where do gentlemen get their scalp shorn in Toronto?

Bonus points if your place provides some of the following:

* Complimentary beer or wine
* Scalp massage
* Straight-razor use for the neck and sideburns
* Hot towels
* Wash after the haircut
* Pampering and nice scenery

The place I went to in my previous hometown offered all that for $25-40, depending on the night and services.
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For all that I'd go back to your hometown. I've never been to a place in Toronto that offers that level of service for that price.

I used to frequent Shampoo in Kensington (previously recommended on AskMefi), but they've lost a lot of the A-talent and I found it increasingly frustrating to book appointments.

I've tried Parlour on Ossington with mixed results, but overall it is not that bad.

Grateful Head on Dundas is nice, but the staff are a bit cliquish which makes it a bit awkward.

I've heard good things about The House of Lords on Yonge, but I haven't been there myself. I don't think they offer the amenities you're looking for though.

Recently, I tried Cosimo's in the Junction (near Keele and Dundas) and was pleasantly surprised. No beer and wine, but hot towels, wash, straight razor and beard trim all for $16.
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Here's the correct link to Grateful Head. You'd link I was new or something.
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Over at the Art of Manliness, they have a barbershop locator, which includes at least one listing for Toronto, "Tony's Place".
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In one of your "previous" links I recommended Sabrina at Poison Ivy, who the OP used and liked.

However, she's not there any more and works independently out of a building around Bathurst and Queen. I still use her. She gives great haircuts. MeMail me if you want her number.
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Best answer: I just spoke with Sabrina and she okay'd her contact info being here: 416-668-1668.
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