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Best place to get a quality haircut in Melbourne?

I am a male in my early 20s and have previously gotten my haircuts from places like Just Cuts or the barber down the road. I usually go for a short-on-the-sides with some texture and layering on the top. Then some hair product when I feel like it for a bed-head look. Very basic, very average.

I'm looking to get a more fashionable cut, preferably somewhere where I can point to a particular hair style, ask for a cut resembling that and then get suggestions about what works/doesn't work for my hair type and face. (I can do this at any barbershop, but the result might not be satisfactory.) I'm not looking for a miracle worker, just a class above the usual standard.

Preferably somewhere within 10 minutes of the city of Melbourne, but surrounds (Hawthorn, Box Hill, South Yarra etc.) acceptable.

Price range up to $80-ish for the cut. I have black hair, short to medium length. My hair is straight and full.

Thanks, and apologies for the metro-ness of this post.
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Avia170 on Elgin and Drummond in Carlton.
posted by michswiss at 8:51 AM on May 25, 2010

Chainsaw Massacre in Carlton.
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Adroit Hair on Bridge Road, Richmond. Unisex, and there are always plenty of guys in there when I go.
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My boyfriend has refused to go anywhere but Jissara Hair for years now. It's just up the hill from Kensington train station so is easy to get to from the city, though I suspect you're on the dark side of the river.
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