Can I have a fun summer without becoming a Facebook developer?
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I need to figure out the best format/logistics for a “summer fun challenge” for my friends. What's the best way to do this, probably on Facebook?

I have this idea to make a “summer fun challenge” (not the final title) for my group of friends. My inspiration was Foursquare/scavenger hunt, where doing different “summer” things would get you points, informally. So for example, a day at the beach, a road trip, a ride on a ferris wheel, awkward tan lines, etc. There wouldn't be a set list of activities.

My first thought was just to make a Facebook group and have people post with something fun that they did, and the group would post back with “+20” or something. But that just seems kind of lame and uninspiring. Most of these people don’t have the “check-in” mentality so I want to make it fun for them to come and report.

Is there some other way? All the people will be on Facebook, so I think that it is the easiest venue to have everyone together, allowing us to post photos/video/links, automatically create a stream, have mobile capability, etc.

My other thought was that maybe this was (finally) something that Google Wave might be good for, but I’m the only person I know on it so far.

I also was thinking of adding in some “badges,” probably just using free icons of a volleyball or whatever. I can just post them into the stream I guess… As far as I know you can’t “comment” on someone’s post with an image.

I'm not averse to trying to make my own Facebook game, but I have a feeling it would be more trouble than it’s worth and I don’t know anything at all about it. But I’m (probably) tech-savvy enough to follow a tutorial, if there’s one around -- I had some Googling trouble there.

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Using a shared Google Docs spreadsheet will make tracking much more easy and fun.
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Google wave could actually be fairly suited to this. Developing for facebook definitely sounds like overkill...really, you just want your friends to have fun. You don't need to develop SummerFunSuite 2010.
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