Check, mate! Help ID this illustrated chess book for beginners
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Help me identify this very dramatically illustrated beginner's book about chess.

Don't you hate it when people ask for help in identifying things while offering almost no useful information? Masochists read on!

* The book was hardcover, oversized height- and width-wise, but not very thick. I think the cover was primarily white.
* It had very dramatic illustrations. The chess pieces were all illustrated as people wearing armor. I think the rooks were these sort of mobile seige-engine type things. And I seem to remember some of the "pieces" in red armor, as opposed to only black or white.
* This would have been in the 1977 time frame.
* That's about it.

Anyone ever encounter this book en passant?
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Was it written for children? Your question made me think of Harvey Kidder's "Kids' Book of Chess." The Amazon page includes this description:

"Instead of technical language and difficult diagrams, The Kids' Book of Chess explains all the basic elements of the game in a colorful, dramatic story of the medieval battlefield that the chessboard represents. All the pieces from pawn to king are introduced according to the role they play in the chess game and compared to their actual role in medieval life. How to begin the game, move the pieces, and develop a winning strategy are well described in clear, simple text; accurate diagrams; and delightful illustrations of medieval life. This a revision of Kidder's 1970 Illustrated Chess for Children (Doubleday; o.p.). New drawings, illustrations, and a slightly different format make this a welcome addition for novice and experienced chess lovers."

Unfortunately, the original cover appears to be red.
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Best answer: It's Chess For Young Beginners. I have a copy here that fits the description perfectly. Can't find a pic online though, sorry.
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Best answer: Photo of "Chess for Young Beginners" cover here.
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Response by poster: I'll be darned -- I think that's it! In fact I've already ordered a copy off ebay. Thank you very much; my sister (who is actually the one who asked me to look it up) will be very happy.

- AJ
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It also has a sequel (in a similar style) called Better Chess for Young Players. It's available on ebay too. I loved these when I was a kid.
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Response by poster: And that is resolved. Thanks everyone!
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