I just want even eyebrows!
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[SeattleFilter] Please recommend the best place in Seattle to have my eyebrows groomed!

I've had it with plucking, the last three waxers I visited left me with varying levels of crooked/uneven eyebrows, and threading left me with little scabs on my eyelids where the lady pinched me with the thread.

I need your recommendation for the best eyebrow person in Seattle - heck, I'll even go to the Eastside if I have to - so I can get these scraggly messes under control. If they do eyebrow tinting, that would be a plus, as I'd like to talk to someone who knows what they're doing about that, since my hair color is significantly different from my natural color and I'm tired of my eyebrows just being not-quite-the-right-color. But the tinting isn't a make-or-break thing. I'm primarily looking for skill in the shaping area.

I don't have a lot of time for makeup or picky grooming on a daily basis, and I feel so much more pulled together with decent brows. Please, help.
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Tina Powers at Powerspa. www.browwaxer.com. I've been going to her for years.
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I have my hairdresser do my eyebrows when I get a haircut and she always does a great job. Cindy Tran at Transitions in Ballard. She's done good color jobs on me too.
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I saw Tina Powers today. She is FAB-U-LOUS. And now so are my eyebrows (also, other bits that needed to be waxed).

Thanks, matildaben!
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