Must see between Tucson and Denver?
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What are some interesting places roughly midway/equidistant between Tucson and Denver?

Such as parks or towns where a few old friends could hang-out or camp-out for two-three days? I'd been thinking of Marfa, TX, but that's as far from Denver (14hrs) as Tucson..
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Two places that come to mind immediately are Mesa Verde National Park and Moab, Utah, with arches and canyonlands in the immediate vicinity.
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Albuquerque is about equidistant, as is Flagstaff, and there are lots of parks, campgrounds and wilderness areas between the two. Other centrally-located towns that are somewhat comparable to Marfa would include Taos, Santa Fe and Las Vegas, NM.

There are many very interesting natl. parks in the four-corners area of AZ, NM, CO and UT, all of which would be about the same drive from Tuscon and Denver -- Lake Powell, Canyon de Chelly, Mesa Verde, etc.
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Isn't that about where that ski resort was?

Anyway, I'd vote for Mesa Verde. Definitely worth a trip.
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Flagstaff doesn't look halfway to me.

I would do either Telluride, Delores, Cortez, Durango area (SW Colorado) or Santa Fe area or Arches/Canyonlands/Moab area (and there are tons of cool areas outside of Arches/Canyonlands that won't be as swamped).

If you are doing this in the summer I'd stick with some elevation and mountains so the SW CO or Santa Fe options.

I lived in Durango so I'd encourage that option - there is limitless awesomeness around there.
Memail me if you want some specifics.
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Have you seen Black Canyon National Park? It's an amazing sight. It's a little bit away from your half-way point, though.
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I live in Flagstaff and I love it, but it's about 4 hours from Tucson and about 12 from Denver, so seconding Durango, Mesa Verde, and Santa Fe/Albuquerque.
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Monument Valley. Not on a straight line, but roughly equidistant.
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