Help me print my photos!
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I am looking for the easiest and cheapest site to print photos from online! I have used both kodak and, but I was wondering if anyone else has any other suggestions?

By easy I mean, it doesn't take a significant amount of time from start to finish (some sites make you upload photos, create albums, etc. which can take awhile) and I am looking for the best possible deal out there! I will be printing approx. 500 4x7 color pictures. Thanks!
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Are you on a Mac? iPhoto (and Aperture) will allow you to submit photos to Apple directly from the software, so if you're using that to organize photos locally, that's probably the dead-easiest. I haven't done research recently, so I'm not sure how it compares price-wise. I remember quality being good, and the delivery being relatively quick.

Do you use Flickr? I believe you can order prints straight from that, and it's basically the standard for web photo organization/display. Again, not sure about pricing, and I don't know how its interface compares with a "significant amount of time".
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I think PE photo has decent prices but I don't see the 4x7 size you are looking for.
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I last used but it's been a while so they may have complicated things up a bit since then.
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I have used Flickr to order prints quite often. I am very pleased with the prices, service, and quality of the prints. So, I am seconding the suggestion! iPhoto is also quite good, especially for calendars and the like.
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Picasa lets you order prints from a variety of sources. My mom runs Picasa on her laptop, and she just plugs in her digital camera, checks the ones she wants, clicks "Order" and drives into town to pick them up at Walmart or Walgreens, IIRC. I don't believe there is any significant friction or time anywhere in the process, because if there were I'm sure I would have heard about it, and she's never asked me for help with printing photos.
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