Classiest Thursday night dancing in Boston?
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Where can I get dressed up and go dancing in Boston on a Thursday night?

A friend of mine wants to take me dancing in Boston this Thursday, and she's looking for a place where we can get dressed up nice and not look out of place. Her main restriction is that she wants to avoid seeing other people bumping 'n' grinding, so I guess we're looking for a place that caters to an older crowd. Also, music-wise, she's looking for something with a sort of world-beat vibe, like Zap Mama for example, but mostly she just wants to avoid the typical "club" music.
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How do you feel about Salsa and Merengue/Latin dance?

Ryles, Inman Square, doors at 8, lessons at 9. I have not been to Ryles' Salsa night myself, but I assume a variety in level of dress, being Cambridge.

Barring that, perhaps you could find something via this Dancing in the Boston Area page?

Have fun!
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