Doctor Who stuck in a time loop.
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Please identify this Tom Baker-era Doctor Who episode. I saw it once when I was a child. All I remember from it was the Doctor fixing K-9 and time becoming a loop around him.

The story would zip back to him fixing K-9 and only figuring out after several moments that he had become stuck in time. He would then canter off to try to fix the timey-loopy thing, but of course he could only ever get so far before he would be zipped back to fixing K-9.

Of course, my memory might be a bit off on the details, but this is the best of my recollection.
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Perhaps The Armageddon Factor? I have a vague memory of this scene as well but can't place it for certain right now.
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The Invasion of Time? With Sontarans!
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Best answer: Meglos and it wasn't a time loop but a Chronic Hysteresis Loop, Romana was there too.
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Best answer: Definitely Meglos.
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Response by poster: Meglos it is!

God, I found that scene utterly creepy as a kid.
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I will never forget that scene it was great. We would act that scene out as kids. We were dorks.
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This scene becomes randomly stuck in my head at strange moments too. I'm glad I'm not the only one!
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and nice to see Mrs Richard Dawkins again ...
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