I'm interested in streaming sports from around the world in Canada; what are my options?
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I'm interested in streaming sports from around the world in Canada; what are my options?

I'm located in Canada and I do not have cable, so I rely pretty heavily on the internet for video entertainment. I've got movies and documentaries covered, however I've had a real difficulty finding sources for watching sports.

I had an NFL Fieldpass (radio) subscription last year but the video feed wasn't available in my country. I know I can catch hockey and MLS soccer on CBC Sports but what about baseball, soccer (premiership and italian leagues, primarily), basketball and football? I am willing to pay, although free is also an option if I can't pay for it.

Thanks in advance.
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Best answer: Here's a mefi post that mentions SOPCast, the solution I stopped in here to recommend.
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Are you looking for American basketball ? If so, the NBA offers a paid package for viewing games online, called League Pass. [I'm not sure if it's offered in Canada, but I would believe it to be].

The MLB also has live games MLB.TV [to watch on your computer] and MLB at bat, for your phone [droid/crackberry/iphone]
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atdhe.net has been a pretty good resource for me when I can't find a game I want to watch anywhere else. ESPN3 (formerly ESPN360) also streams games -- not sure if it works in Canada though.
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Best answer: Myp2p.eu requires that you download a particular viewer or two that I had not heard of before using it, but it has a slew of pro sports all around the world streaming live.

It works in the USA, but I can't verify Canada.
I have not noticed any malware from it.
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Myp2p.eu does indeed work in Canada, but I would strongly urge the mods to delete any references to the site here (perhaps sending the above post to the OP's MeMail).

The people involved in streaming with myp2p are just regular people who engage in highly illegal activity and have absolutely nothing to gain, other than providing many happy people with coverage of sports they wouldn't otherwise see. Making their activities public like this is unfair to them, and puts them at risk.

Yes, I know myp2p isn't exactly a secret, but I don't think that Metafilter should contribute to publicizing it.
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if you don't want to stream, i've had great luck with tenyardtorrents.
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