What should I get for friends eloping in Vegas?
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Two friends of mine have decided to take the plunge and elope in Las Vegas. I completely support the idea and am trying to think of a gift for them.

I was wanting to do something for them while they were there. But, I've never been to Las Vegas, so have no decent ideas. A restaurant reservation? Something to see / do? If so, where/what? Or am I better off getting standard wedding stuff once they get back? For what it's worth, I think they're planning on this Spring.
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You could find out where they are staying and upgrade their room to a fancier one. If you are not going for the surprise effect, you could offer to make their room arrangements in the first place.
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Depends on what the tone of the wedding will be - but - friends of mine eloped to Vegas, and hired an Elvis impersonator to show up and serenade them at/after the ceremony. They said it was fabulous.
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Las Vegas has some of the nicest restaurants in the country. Famous chefs from all over have opened up branches there. If you think that they would appreciate a really high-end meal, you could arrange that for them. Some suggestions include: Picasso, Michael Mina, Le Cirque, Aliz, Bradley Ogden.

On the other hand, if they are eloping, they are likely not going to bring in the stash that they would have with a wedding. So they may be more likely to appreciate the more typical wedding gifts-- blender, Kitchen Aid Mixer, cutlery-- that they may not otherwise get.
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If they're thrillseekers, get 'em a Day Pass to Stratosphere's tower rides. I believe that's about $35 each.
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Last time I was in Las Vegas, one of the highlights of the trip was a helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon. There are a number of companies that do it, and there are different packages available - some land, some don't, that sort of thing.

It was a lot of fun, if a little expensive. They're fairly easy to find and book on the web. Try to pick one that doesn't look too shady - I don't think a helicopter has gone down on one of these trips for a few years, but they have in the past.

I don't recall which company we used.

(If your friends are ecological types, then this is likely a bad idea - there are a lot of complaints about helicopter-related noise pollution from friends of the Grand Canyon.)
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My thought is to get them tickets to a show; O or Blue Man are the two that are most impressive and should be universally appreciated.

The shows tend to be expensive enough that many people don't even consider going but there's something about really well done live shows.

Springing for the more expensive seats at "O" is worth the extra cash.
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There are insane things to try in Vegaas which the newlyweds might like. You can shoot Uzi's at a strange shooting range. You can skydive indoors! There are rollercoasters everywhere (my fave) and they could do a tour riding each rollercoaster, yep I even went on the Stratosphere's which isn't at all as scary as I'd hoped. Time Out Vegas will have the best quirky things to do listed. The helicopter tour flipper speakas of sounds like a great gift, and by the way have they been to Hoover Dam?
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I guess I'd ask what their situation is - do they perhaps already have (or otherwise don't need) all the gadgetry and loot that comes with having a traditional wedding? Then by all means, give them a helicopter ride or tickets to a show or some such.

However, if they're going to be setting up house and will need a set of dishes to eat off, I would honestly plump for that. But that's just me.
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