Help me deal with previously learned material.
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Help me deal with previously learned material. (More Inside)

I noticed a weird problem that I have when confronted with learned material that I haven't used in a while. After acquiring a new conceptual schema, I use it several times and it seems like I have firmly grasped it. Yet, after I stop using it for a while, a few weeks or a few months, recalling it becomes a strenuous process. Strenuous because as I reconstruct the schema, some things fall into the right place and other things I am very unsure about.

I am looking for suggestions on how to make sure that knowledge acquired at one point can be recovered some time later. What is a good way to guide yourself to remember concepts that you've left behind a while ago? (This is tricky terrain since familiarity and previous experience with the material make you feel like you do already know, even while you are uncertain.)
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Best answer: I write cheat sheets for my future self once I've figured something out, especially if the something either a) took me a long time and/or a lot of effort to understand or b) something I know I won't use regularly. Depending on the topic, my cheat sheet might be something simple like documenting what triggered my 'a-ha, I finally get this" moment or more extensive how-to-do-this instructions (with diagrams even!). Then I file the cheat sheet away in a directory (mine is named "Bet you forgot this") with a detailed file name so they can be easily found again.
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Best answer: That's exactly what spaced repetition software is for.

For more detailed stuff that can't be broken down into something flash-cardy, I write up cheat sheets like jamaro describes. You can review notes of stuff on a spaced repetition schedule too, though. I do that for nonfiction books I've read; I don't want to drill the info in flashcard style, but I do like to review the concepts and ideas on a spaced repetition schedule.
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A recent Ask question (which I found interesting but cannot find now) had many suggestions for Anki as excellent software for free repetition.
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Supermemo and it's derivatives is software based on spaced repetition.
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