LOST in San Jose
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Where can I watch the LOST finale at a bar/venue in the San Jose area?

I just realized that the finale is tonight. I usually torrent the show but I feel like I will be in spoiler hell by tomorrow am. I've looked on CL, Mercury News, and also Googled around but can't find anything near me.

So anyone know of a bar / venue where I can go watch (I don't have a TeeVee) in the San Jose area?

Also, correct me if I'm wrong but I'm guessing 5-630 PST is just interviews and such and the actual episode is from 6-730? Right?
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There's two and a half hours of new episode tonight and two hours of preshow. So be aware of that. As far as where to go? I'm in KY, can't help there.
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No specific advice to offer, but keep an eye on this yelp thread, if you hadn't already found it. Good luck!
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I can't help you on a venue, but unless San Jose is in some weird time vortex or you have access to the east-coast feed, the pre-show comes on at 7PM PDT, and the final episode at 9PM PDT.
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Thanks birdherder. I had times all messed up.
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Looks like I wont be able to find a venue.

Does anyone know if I can watch (stream) a east coast LOST tv feed?
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