Looking for good rock acoustic guitar music, no vocals
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Looking for good rock acoustic guitar music, no vocals

I love Rodrigo y Gabriela very much. After having them as a station in Pandora for awhile, I found Trace Bundy. Not as spanish, but has a rock tone without getting too flowery or boring.

I'm looking for a similar acoustic rock sound as the two mentioned above. No drums, no vocals, no synthesizers, just acoustic guitar with some intricate picking mixed with power cords. I like Flamenco, so it can have a latin flare, just more "rockish."

Thanks for any recommendations!
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Try some Michael Hedges....previously
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You might like some of Sir Richard Bishop's work.

Also, though it's a bit more classical than what you're describing, I'd encourage you to give Andrew McKenna Lee a listen. I'm a fan of Roderigo y Gabriela and flamenco as well, and I love Andrew McKenna Lee so much it hurts.
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Oh, and I almost forgot the most important and obvious answer: Early Kaki King. You really, really want this, I think. The later stuff is good as well, but it does have vocals.
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Ever heard Jack Rose? I heard a segment about him on NPR recently (sadly, they were noting his untimely death) and fell in love with his music. Sorry no links, I'm posting from my phone.
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Tommy Emmanuel Check him out on youtube - awesome guitarist.

Saw him play Battle Hymn of the Republic and Dixie at the same time in concert once - mind blowing.
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These might not be rockish enough for you...

John Fahey
Leo Kottke - although he sometimes sings, even though everyone wishes he wouldn't
James Blackshaw - but like Sir Richard Bishop, he sometimes dips into trippy electronic noise
Robbie Basho
Steffen Basho-Junghans (no relation)
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You could try Igor Presnyakov. Here's his cover of AC/DC's Thunderstruck.
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California Guitar Trio? I think they've used bass & drums on a record or two, but it's usually just them.

Heck, maybe go right to the source & check out the League Of Crafty Guitarists. When they enter rock-out mode it's foundation-shakingly great.
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Seconding the amazing Michael Hedges.
Tim Reynolds.
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These guys.. Friday Night in San Francisco.
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re Friday Night in SF...I still have the vinyl....if you hold it up to a light you can see through it.
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