Evening/weekend therapist in SF?
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An evening/weekend therapist in San Francisco? I'd like to talk over some family and personal issues with a professional. But I can only swing regular appointments via late evening or weekend hours - not easy to find. Any suggestions?
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Psychology Today has a large directory of therapists. Unfortunately, they don't list if they do weekend/evening sessions (but we should suggest it!)
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Actually, you'd be surprised how many therapists DO have later evening hours open. Probably just need to ask and be persistent... evening hours do fill up the fastest, but with the combination of this time of year plus general populace's economic situation, a lot of people in private practice are seeing clients drop out for financial reasons or because it's the end of the school year, etc. so openings come up more often than they used to. Anyway, this is just to encourage you not to think it's going to be impossible or super-difficult to find.
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