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I'm looking for personal anecdotes or data, either positive or negative, about triple arthrodesis. This procedure has been recommended for my 15-year-old brother as a salvage procedure to eliminate pain resulting from an unsuccessful tarsal coalition surgery (also including a lengthening of the Achilles tendon.)

I have found some information on but want to get as many opinions as possible.

Further - Does anyone have experience with Dr. Roy Sanders in Tampa? Can you recommend another surgeon who does this procedure? I received excellent recommendations last time I asked a similar question but would like to narrow the field slightly. Thank you!
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From eMedicine, which is a good online medical reference that I use regularly in my practice:

"Up to 10 months are required for the patient to become pain free. Return to high-impact activity is not a given. Lower-impact activities like walking, cycling, and swimming should be obtainable goals postoperatively."

I'm not an orthopedist and am not familiar with this procedure, but I suspect that the resulting ankle would be significantly less strong and less flexible than a normal ankle. Running or competetive sports would not likely ever be possible.
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