Favorite Flikr Groups?
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Having discovered Flickr group Collage Kids and radiated out to such gems as Fashions Past and Boring Photos, I'm wondering, who else is using Flickr in interesting ways?

Or, which other Flickr groups warrant a look?
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I thought the lemon pie recipe was a rather clever use of notes, turning a recipe into a visual narrative.
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You should really hang around places like the group FlickrCentral and perhaps get better recommendations there. All the addicts hang out there.

I like what jbum has been doing lately. Check out some of his recent pictures and you'll see what I mean. Such as this graphic of when Flickrites eat their meals.

As for groups, try:

In Numerical Order - dedicated to collecting ALL the numbers. (disclaimer: I'm an admin there)

Squared Circle - which gets all the good press for its simple aesthetic


A Day in the Life of...

Food Porn

Erotica (NSFW)

Use the Stairs

Command Shift-3


From Above

Gnarly Trees


And, of course:

Girls eating Sandwiches
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A big "me too" for squared circle and colorfields. I also like Long Line .
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anaglyph (3D photographs), macro, macro madness, toy cameras (mostly holga, lomo and diana cameras) and cross processing.

Another vote for long line, Genista made a application so you can make your own mosaics images from the group.
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I know it's not nearly as cool as flickr (unless maybe you live in Brazil), but fotolog.net has a bunch of themed groups, many of which go back a few years. There's a lot of junk there nowadays, but if you browse through the groups you'll still see some interesting photos/groups. For example, here's one of the sequential numbers groups.
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I like to look at pictures tagged bicycle. Does that make me weird?
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No suggestions - but this is fun! The sequential number thing has got me thinking ...
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