Save us from breakfast at Tim's
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We are in Edmonton for the long weekend and would like to go for brunch tomorrow morning. We are staying in the Mettera so something walkable would be great but are willing to hop in a cab for some fabulous brunch.
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IMHO the best brunch in Edmonton is at Culina, hands down! I recommend trying their famous bacon and eggs. The "bacon" is actually super yummy pulled pork.

The Culina Mill Creek location is about a 20 minute walk from the Mettera. That qualifies as "walking distance" for me, not sure about you...
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Ah! So many great options! I'm assuming you mean the Alberta one and not Edmonton, Kentucky.

Cafe Mosaics (10844 82 Avenue) is a vegetarian place, very nice.
Sugarbowl (10922 88 Avenue) has really great atmosphere and cinnamon buns, but will probably be busy.
Leva (11053 86 Avenue) is an italian place by the university area with great coffee.
If you feel like an expensive adventure on the LRT, either the Wildflower Grill (10009 107 Street)or Zinc (in our fancypants new art gallery, also worth a look-- 2 Sir Winston Churchill Square) would be pricey options downtown (probably require reservations for those).
The New York Bagel Cafe (8430 103 Street) is probably closest and will serve you bagels in a New York style I am led to believe.
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Oh yes, I forgot Culina. They are also really good. See if you can get a reservation!
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Yes, the Alberta one! Ha, I didn't even know Kentucky had an Edmonton.
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We stayed at the Metterra in February, and they did a great breakfast there. In addition, you're on Whyte Ave, so most of the restaurants within a block or two should be great,
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Where did you go? Updates! I demand updates.
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We went to Culina, and it was as awesome as sanitycheck and beepbeepboopboop said. I had the french toast, Mr. Sadtomato had the Ukranian breakfast. We reserved for 10 and good thing we did. The only flaw was that it's virtually invisible from the street--we sat there in the cab wondering if we were being left to die in the Edmonton wilderness. The decor is funky--one wall has a plaster treatment like branches, the artwork was nice, and the greeter's podium is a lovely piece of antique furniture.

The walk from Mettera is easily do-able, but sucks if it's windy and sleeting.

Totally recommend.
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