Mount a tv to a brick wall.
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Any issues to be aware of when wall mounting a flat tv to a brick wall?

We're getting our recently purchased house ready to move into and one thing we want to do is mount our 42" plasma (~80lbs.) to the center wall in our den. However, the wall is brick. All the wall mounts I see for purchase (looking at Monoprice mainly) talk about mounting to normal dry wall.

So is there anything special we need to know or consider about mounting this tv to a brick wall?

Thanks for your help folks!
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Hammer drill and some masonry anchors and you'll be all set.
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Mount to the brick, not the mortar. Sorry if it's obvious, but the two places I've lived with brick walls have had tons of fasteners drilled into the mortar, which is a recipe for crumbling mortar and art (or TVs) on the floor.
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Yep, seconding fixedgear, with an important addition...

While you will find it easier to drill into the mortar, you should set your anchors in the brick itself. Mortar can be weak and unstable. While others may work, sleeve-type anchors will be best.
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Don't use anchors at all. Use those blue Tapcon screws. (I think Spax is another brand) If you use the correct bit (size should be listed on the package, or even come in the package) to predrill the hole, the screw will never come out. Test it if you like- install one and try to use a hammer claw to yank it out. You will probably be able to do pull-ups on it.

(Hint: the correct size hole might seem too big. It will be easy to screw the screw in. That's how they work. The magic is in surface area- the edges of the threads might only dig into the brick a tenth of a mm. But the length of the thread if you could unwind it might be 20 cm. That's a lot of surface area.)

(Another hint: drill the hole dead level, or slightly down into the wall. That way, there is no force trying to pull the screw out. Rather, the screw acts almost like a hook.)
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make sure you are happy to live with the holes in the brick if that's the route you go. a previous tenant where we live left six giant holes in an otherwise very nice brick wall. (judging from the holes, four were to mount a television and two were because they started drilling in the wrong place.) mortar is pretty easy to patch and repair.
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Before you drill any holes, think carefully about how you intend to run the cables & cords- especially if near a fireplace. Can you run them behind the brick? If not, can you live with seeing them?
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