Washington dining?
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Vegetarian Washington, DC, fine dining? I'd like to get some friends a gc for a great restaurant for their anniversary. They're foodies and vegetarians. Can anyone recommend a place?

They live just east of Meridian Hill Park; I don't know what that neighborhood is called. Thanks for your suggestions, DC Foodies!
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Zatanya, one of Jose Andres recipes is great and has many vegetarian dishes. It's very nice.

Less fancy, but excellent, is Udupi Palace in Langley Park, which is all-vegetarian southern Indian food. It's some of the best in the area.
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Seconding Zaytinya. It's wonderful. I'm veg, and I loved it.
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Maybe it's changed, but when I was at Nora ~5 years ago, it wasn't particularly good for vegetarians. They're accommodating, but we definitely needed to order off-menu.
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Rasika for Indian food for American foodies. We got a vegetarian friend a gift certificate for their wedding and they loved it, and the Washington Post has had it as a 5-10 restaraunt in DC for a few years. I will third Zaytinya
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Thirding Zatanya. Gave it a try on a brief stay in Washington and loved it.
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Response by poster: Thanks all--going with Zaytinya! I hope they like it!
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I had a great meal at Vegetate a few years ago: http://www.vegetatedc.com/
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Vegatate is closed, and Siestema gave Nora just 1.5 stars in his spring dining guide today.
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Thai X-ing for yummy Thai food, plus interesting atmosphere... if you're interested in this place, I recommend reading the Yelp reviews so you know what you're getting into.
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