How to choose a reputable outsourcing company?
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I need an outsourcer that I can trust not to steal my business secrets. What are some reputable companies I could work with? I have tasks that I would like to delegate that require access to some website logins and personal information. I want to work with a virtual assistant that is hired through a reputable company that would involve paperwork that would keep me safe. I don't know who to try besides brickwork. What companies should I look into?
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Simple. A signed NDA, and someone that doesn't care about your business secrets or personal info, just wants to get paid then move on. Like me. It would MeFi'ers to help to know which language the site is written in, db type, general idea of website type.
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Er, it would help ...
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No super technical dbs. Just google documents and freelance writing websites.
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A NDA won't do any good in a country with a less-developed legal system, and even if it wasn't a legal system issue, it is cost-prohibitive to enforce. There's no replacement for trust. I want to do the same thing, but have similar qualms.
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You know, one of the major advantages of hiring someone… local… is that you get to meet them, talk to them, and judge their personalities for yourself.
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