More 8-bit music?
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Request for music recommendations! I'm looking for more music similar to Beck's Hell Yes EP and bands like Treewave and old school Nintendo music, but not campy "hey, I sampled a video game!" type stuff like Richard D. James's Powerpill Pacman. You know, stuff that's true to the SID chip and isn't kitschy and maybe has some vocals. Whacha got?
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I'm not sure if it's what you're looking for, but The Minibosses are the best in contemporary Nintendo music "covers." Their version of the music from Metroid is supremo.
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8 Bit Peoples is pretty fun, and you can download all their stuff from their site.

Their Christmas album is particularly fun.
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Trash80, maybe?
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Minusbaby is also pretty neat.
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Check out the Super Madrigal Brothers.
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Enjoy Mark VII.
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I haven't heard too much of them, but what I've heard is good. Check out The Advantage.
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If you like the SID, you'll like Tarmvred - Viva 6581, which is a tribute to the Sidstation's MOS6581 chip.
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Mark VII is fantastic. Tarmvred I enjoy a lot as well, but it's quite noisy stuff.

I'd also recommend Little Computer People (somewhat Kraftwerky), if you can find it.
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My Robot Friend?
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Mixel Pixel. I haven't heard much of them, but they might fit the bill.
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Seconding the Minusbaby and 8bitpeoples. You might also enjoy some of the Ninja Tune stuff, though it's not precisely what you're looking for.
posted by box at 8:49 PM on February 21, 2005 is the name of a band that fits this bill.

And there's a Massive SIDplay Party Mix available over at Tigerbeat6 that is good and groovy all the way through.
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Good recommendations... But let me add RATATAT to the list (mp3/review). They do SID + guitars in a hip-hop style. No vocals, but not strictly synth, and easy on the ears.
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YMCK. Aside from the breathy Japanese vocals, I'm pretty sure all their sounds were sampled from the SID. Catchy as hell.
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Correction: sampled from the Famicom. Your post had me confused.
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I keep on mentioning them, but I gotta do it again.

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