What's a young commie to do in San Francisco?
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Going to San Francisco with SO June 11 - 14. I'd really like to learn about the history of the city while I'm there. What should we do & where should we go?

I'm really into the left wing history of San Francisco - the hippies, the Jim Jones stuff, the Weatherman, etc... Is there any kind of tour/museum/monument whatever that we should check out while I'm there? Any other suggestions for any kind of cool events going on that weekend are also welcome. Thanks, hive mind!
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For some really in-depth looks, stop by the San Francisco History Center at the Main Library. In my experience the staff there know everything there is to know about the city. The collections there are pretty extensive. It's also right by City Hall.
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The folks at Bound Together in the Haight could probably help you out with some of the more political stuff.
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Gah! Missed that askMe post. Thanks gingerbeer! Wish Laborfest was in June instead of July.
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I live in San Francisco.

Excellent stuff above. The only thing I have to add is broad, but not specifically left-wing: San Francisco City Guides give free walking tours of the City. I recommend them to everyone who has time.
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A friend of mine leads some of the City Guides walking tours tellumo mentions. Heartily seconded.
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Ditto City Guides. A friend of mine also gives tours. I went on his tour, and it was amazing how much I learned.

Also check out the San Francisco Museum & Historical Society.

Another past AskMe: nerdy legal history walking tour sites in San Francisco.
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It's also worth crossing the bay to Berkeley, where much of that sense of lefty politics/social thought is more visible.
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If you make it out to Alcatraz, I can put you in touch with our rangers who have a focus on the '69-'71 Indian Occupation. I can also probably give you a "behind the scenes" tour of some of the great graffiti/art leftover from the occupation if any of that interests you.
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