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Anybody have experience with the Philly Lens Library?

I've picked up a Nifty Fifty lens and an upgraded version of the kit lens for walkabout/travel photography. It looks like the next step for me is a dedicated macro lens because flipping the nifty-fifty around gets old. Alas, Calumet Philadelphia doesn't have much in the way of macro lenses for canons, but this guy does.

However, he (understandably) also wants your credit card number. And (less understandably) doesn't have the business address on the website.

Has anybody here used him before? Or have other suggestions for places to rent Canon lenses in Philly?
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On reading some more, it looks like the guy is running it out of his home office, which explains why he doesn't have the address up. On the other hand, it doesn't help with the worry about handing over a copy of my driver's license and my CC number.

Any help is very much appreciated.
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joyceanmachine -

Yes, I know the Philly Lens Library, and it is pretty legit, if you ask me.

I know the guy who runs it - I won't post his name here publicly, but he's a known pro photographer in Philly and has a good reputation from what I have heard. If you email him and ask for info, he will tell you who he is.

I think he doesn't post his address for security - no point in advertising to thieves, I would think. By the looks of his website, he has around $40,000 of lenses available, so that's understandable =) That's more than what Calumet has.

As for credit card - I don't know why that would be a problem. Any rental house would require a credit card, and asking to borrow a $2000-$4000 lens without providing a credit card - no way any rental place would let that happen.
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also, this place:


rents canon lenses in the Trenton NJ area, northeast of Philly.
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