You were in Boston and you didn't see _____?!
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I've been to Fenway, The Commons, and Harvard. I'm going back for a week's training (staying at Boston U Dorm with no car). I'm not the most excitable or prolific tourist, so I'm just looking for a few must see things. Just to give some random samples of myself: I like Indie Rock, Modern Art, and if Pax was in town I would have loved to check it out.
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Well, if you're at BU and you love indie rock, you should probably see who's playing at Great Scott and have a beer/check out the jukebox at the Model Café. For modern art, run do not walk to the ICA down by the waterfront.
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It seems that Banksy, the street artist, may've hit Boston, and both locations are accessible by T... and they'd also get you to Central Square and Chinatown, which are fun neighborhoods to explore.

The modern art at is good, and admission is "by voluntary donation" after 4pm on Wednesdays. If you haven't been down to the Harbor, it may be worthwhile to go to the ICA partly for the art (it's Small) and partly for the walk along the Harbor (although the Silver Line goes close, so you could T that, too).
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Ugh, the modern art at the MFA, is how that should've read, though the long link works.
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For larger acts you could head up the street a little to Paradise or over to The Middle East in Cambridge.

The MFA might be an obvious suggestion, but I sincerely love it. And IIRC, it's free on Wednesday nights. Also obvious but fun - day tours of Fenway.
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i can't second the ICA enough. i love it. it is on my "must-do" list for any trip to Boston.
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I moved away before the new ICA opened, but if I was back in the city for the day, visiting it would be at the top of my list. So, thirded, I guess!

It's not modern art, but it's still pretty spectacular: The Mapparium at the Christian Science Center. While you're there you can enjoy the fountain and reflecting pool outside the church, which is great for wooing or illicit skateboarding. And if you're in the area, definitely grab some ice cream at JP Licks (Newbury St.) or a beer at Bukowski's. Or both!
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Well my husband DJs a pretty popular 90's night at the Common Ground out in Allston tonight. The cover's $4. It was just featured on's "25 things to do for under $25". Not terribly indie, but a fun time. Oh wait, I just realized you didn't mean tonight. Well it's on Friday nights anyway.

Oh, and the ICA. For sure.
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If the weather is nice, Arnold Arboretum is really beautiful. (It isn't like any of the things you mentioned, but it's worth a visit anyway.)
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I love the Boston Public Library.
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Go see the Arthur Ganson exhibit at the MIT museum, then walk down the street a bit and get some ice cream at Toscanini.
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I love Mefi, thanks folks. (I'll be there this Sunday night to Friday evening if that matters for any further posters).
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