Oh My Goth Gift! Subject Me To Your World.
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GiftFilter: The daughter of a high school friend is graduating from 8th grade; I'm her Rebel Idol (poor deluded kid). Help me represent!

I've only been able re-connect with my home-town friend this past year. Since then, I performed her wedding to another friend of my youth after I introduced them. I learned, then, that her tween grew up on stories and photos of me as our tiny town's only "punk rocker" (actually, I'd be called a "goth" or "deathpunk" now, but this was the late 70s-early 80s) and she has idolized me all along.

I've been invited to attend a celebration for her eight grade graduation and I'd like to give her a special gift, perhaps something that would be useful, nifty or cool to have for high school. But it's been a long time and a lot of brain loss since my teens and I don't know her all that well - I do know she's enjoyed the Lip Service hand-me-downs she's received from me. But now you know as much as I do.

My other caveat: I'm penny-scraping poor. I'm on SSDI and my extremely fixed income has already been strained by my upcoming move, my daughter's birthday and my partner's birthday.

As per ideas found in this previous question*, I do have the means and probably the supplies to do something crafty (even if I have to gut my own things). But, beyond that, I'm at a loss.

Please HALP!
*All other "previously"s were for older recipients.
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Best answer: Make her a mix CD of some great, classic rebel idol music! Decorate it specially for her. Practically free!
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OOH, and you could decorate a journal for her with Mod Podged magazine cutouts and rebel-y words and stuff. And write her a personal note on the first page.
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Best answer: Yeah, a couple CDs and a sweet book to write in are exactly what kick-started my weirditude when I got into high school - and the recommendations from 'One Who Has Gone Before' were exactly what I was looking for. Get some classics on there interspersed with the current state of excellent deathrocker / electrogoth / whatevs biz, and she'll be set!
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Best answer: So one of the things that my Cool Uncle Paul (my dad’s youngest brother) did while he was living with us for 6 months to deal with a move was give me and my younger brother a full on history of music trivia question and tell us cool stories about Yes and Pink Floyd and the Stones and quadrophonics. So he asked me what I wanted for Christmas that year and I was like I dunno a basic intro to rock on CD? He got me Dark Side of the Moon, the Wall, Rolling Stones Greatest hits, Yes’ Fragile, The Who Who’s Next, Led Zeppelin the untitled album. It was the stories about rock lineage and who was stealing from who and who influenced who that made all those albums come to life, though. Unfortunately for him a years of working in theater scene shops kind of killed classic rock for me, but he was the coolest Uncle ever for doing that. So I agree with the mix CD, but maybe a more album centric mix CD (read: burn it directly) with custom made liner notes on the history of the bands or if you think she’d be into it zine style your personal history with that band notes. BEGIN HAMBURGER. However, you do take the risk of losing your mystique if you explain yourself and actually develop a personal relationship with the kid. END HAMBURGER.
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Nthing a couple of amazing mixes and a cool journal!
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If there's a source of cheap used paperbacks nearby, then maybe a few things from the ALA's frequently challenged books list?
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A tarot deck. If you want to include a book with it that isn't super woo-woo to go with it, I thoroughly recommend this one.
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Minus one "with it".
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Journal and a mix cd sound like a great idea. I'd definitely include "Rebel Girl" by bikini kill on it, but that's just me (& i'm not goth!) Also, the book Cunt is exactly the kind of reading material that I wish I could have had when I was that age, but I'd definitely clear that one with her parents first, as it's also pro-choice, pro-sex, pro-masturbation.

Is there a cool thrift store in your town? That could be a fun trip together too.
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If you've got a Hot Topic store near you, you can get inexpensive studded leather bracelets and silver rings and such. Or if you've got a comic book store, you could get her some Johnny the Homicidal Maniac comics, which are dark and hilarious and enjoyed by many gothy rebel types. Another cheap idea if you've got a Spanish grocery nearby are candles in glass -- often there are cool ones for anti-hexing and things like that.
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Cool media. I'm listening to Jethro Tull's Thick As a Brick at the moment, which could do well. The Dark Side of the Moon may also work. As for books, consider The Illuminatus! Trilogy, one of the books that rescued me from the fate of growing up normal.
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Hot topic is the antithesis of rebellion/punk- I'm all for the mix CDs, or maybe tickets to her first "awesome" show with you. L7, bikini kill, babes in toyland, sleater kinney all pretty awesome riot grrl bands from way back when (lord I feel old).
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Illuminatus has some sex stuff that might be a little old for 8th grade - double check this before you give it.

I think music CDs with a bunch of classic stuff, and a bunch of weird stuff that will make her go look it up online etc, are the way to go.
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If you like books that you think she might like to read too, I think that might be a good gift. Along the same lines as a mix CD of "your" music, some literature that helped to make you the cool rebel you are might really mean a lot to her.

If you've got a copy of something you no longer want, the cost is essentially zero, or maybe find a used copy. Either way, sign it with a cool phrase to make it even cooler.
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Response by poster: I love ALL of these ideas, but the mix CD's with liner notes sounds JUST like the thing for this girl! Classics, weird stuff, and new forays in the genre - I'm now excited about making this for her.

(Her family is Christian and pro-life, so a couple of really excellent ideas in this post won't work for HER but I'll keep the ideas in mind for similar situations.)
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Sisters of Mercy, Fields of the Nephilim, Christian Death, Covenant - I'm sure you could make a mix that might pass as Christian music at first glance...
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Response by poster: Oh, FatherDagon, the family is not THAT Christian - the music selection will not be a problem (finding something her mother doesn't already have is the biggest challenge!) However, tarot cards or the book "Cunt" wouldn't have gone over well (except as gifts to my children).

But those bands are, of course, all excellent suggestions and I'm sure each of those will be on the cd.
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