Good photography magazine wanted
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Best magazine for highly enthusiastic amateur photographer? Or suggestions for other photography related gifts at similar price point for a recent college grad?

Giftee does mostly outdoorsy themes, if that helps inspire you. Many thanks!
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I really enjoy the British Journal of Photography, ("the world's longest-running photography magazine, established 1854"), which recently relaunched as a glossy monthly.
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Not a magazine, but a great gift--The Photographer's Eye. My sister, a photographer and photo editor, gave it to me for Christmas a few years ago after a long conversation on how to make a meaningful picture.

This quote from the description pretty much sums it up: "Celebrated works by such masters as Cartier-Bresson, Evans, Steichen, Strand, and Weston are juxtaposed with vernacular documents and even amateur snapshots to analyze the fundamental challenges and opportunities that all photographers have faced." The photos include portraits, "outdoorsy themes," and such, so hopefully it would appeal to your friend.
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For gear reviews and how-tos, Popular Photography is pretty good. They're not nature/outdoors specific, but they do cover all types of photography, including nature/outdoors. I think Nature's Best is supposed to be pretty good too, but I haven't subscribed to that one myself.

If your giftee is into landscapes, I know a lot of landscape photographers really love Gavin Rowell. He has several books of his photography, as well as postcards, calendars, etc. Or if you know your giftee's favorite photographer, find a book or calendar of their work.
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I think geeky means Galen Rowell. His books are great. Mountain Light is the first one that got me hooked. "The Inner Game of Outdoor Photography" is great if your giftee is "deep" or philosophically oriented (the book is a little 'heavy').

Scott Kelby's Digital Photography books, if the person is beginner to intermediate.

"Layers" by Matt Kloskowski (book) if they're intermediate to advanced at photoshop.

Or if they're a complete maven, then

"Photoshop LAB Color" is the most amazing/advanced/mindblowing book out there. By Dan Margulis. Caution: the giftee better be a totally committed to enjoy this book, it's really intense.

If the person is more into learning about composition and color, a Freeman Patterson book would be great, but some of them are a bit dated because he was mostly in the film world.

Gift certificate to If they're at all into photoshop/lightroom etc. This is a monthly subscription ($20 or so per month) online video tutorial site with excellent photoshop/lightroom/aperture/general photography training.

Of the magazines, Outdoor Photographer is the one I like the best (in the US anyway). Outside is also inspirational for an outdoors lover, even though it's not about photography.
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