Tiny business web hosting needs
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My wife knits, sews, etc, and wants to sell her stuff online. We're looking for a web host, and I'm confused about the options.

Many places offer e-commerce plans, but they include site building wizards and such that we don't need. We're going to create the site ourselves, and we just need to allow credit card/Paypal transactions. So do we go for a basic hosting plan and use a third party for the e-commerce bit? If so, what must the hosting plan include in order for us to add e-commerce functionality? ASP, PHP, mySQL, etc? Or is a one-stop solution -- like this one -- the better option?
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The cheapest and probably most direct way to do it is to get a basic hosting account with PHP/mySQL (IF NEEDED) and use Paypal. You can use Paypal easily WITHOUT the PHP/mySQL combo, but having it means you can take advantage of opensource ecommerce apps that give you a little more flexibility (like inventory tracking).

I recommend http://textdrive.com for hosting (I run a hosting company as well, email is in my profile) and http://oscommerce .com for the ecommerce functionality (again, if needed - you can do just fine with HTML and Paypal).

Good luck!
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Seconding OScommerce - it's a great shopping cart, and on Dreamhost at least it is but a moment's work to set up yourself (minus a few minutes' wait when you set up the database). They've got check-out modules for most of the common credit card processors, Paypal included, which makes that easy to set up as well.

And I like Dreamhost for hosting. Plenty of space, database, emails, and domains/subdomains for whatever you might need. They've been good to me for many years.
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Response by poster: Excellent, thanks to you both. I love the idea of an open source e-commerce solution.
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Dreamhost is a great company indeed! Their tech support (via email) is great and they have always gone the extra mile for me, even teaching me some HTML.
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Once you have established your site... use tradeshows and flea markets to sell and distribute cars for your site.

This is the only way for this to actually work without...
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Response by poster: That's definitely part of the plan, selling and promoting offline as much as possible. But we need the online part up and running asap before we start the promotional blitz.
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No need to go with an e-commerce package. My partner sells her purses online from a Movable Type-based site, coupled with a PayPal account. It was professionally designed and built, so it wasn't cheap, but even a far simpler design could work smoothly while still looking sharp.

For promotion, consider buttons in addition to cards.
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I can't speak to the efficacy of buttons, but I'd like to plug Busy Beaver as well (me3dia linked to them). I got some buttons from them a few months back. I'm a big big fan. So if you go with buttons, go with Busy Beaver.

Oh ... whatever. I can speak to their efficacy. A really good investment, as they're so dang cheap. And, again, BB is a great shop.
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Response by poster: So PayPal will take credit cards directly? Man, I really need to keep up with this stuff. That'd make things loads easier.

Thanks for the Busy Beaver links, buttons are a must.
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Paypal will do a lot for you if you want them to; their cart's pretty comprehensive and if you get a business-level acccount they'll let you process any credit card holder whether that person has a Paypal account or not. Plus the forms they use are pretty open, so it's easy to use a script to generate "add to cart" buttons and similar.

As for hosting, I second the Textdrive recommendation; if you don't mind paying a little more per month for your hosting they're simply the best around. If you want pretty good hosting and a lower price, sign up at Dreamhost before the end of the month and get the $7.95/mo special.
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If you're looking for something very straightforward (ie, any idiot can do it) for online retail, try FreeMerchant.
Disclaimer: I am employed by FM's parent company and I'm not really an expert on it. I just know what it is.
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Another vote for Dreamhost. I've been with them going on 4 years and they have been very supportive, reliable, great with communications on maintenance or problems. Highly recommended.
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My favorite web host: NPSIS. I use them all the time. They seem nice.
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Ignore previous NPSIS link. This is better: NPSIS.com
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