Good online source for aquarium fish, plants, and supplies?
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What is the best online store in the US to buy aquarium fish, plants, and supplies from?

I am in a small town in the USA and do not have access to great pet shops, and I want to set up a big aquarium--probably 55 or 75 gallons. (I had such an aquarium 10 years ago, when I was living in a bigger city.) My vision is to have colorful tropical freshwater fish--a basic community tank--with natural plants. I know there are online sources for buying fish and plants, but I have never used them. Can you recommend any suppliers that you have had good luck with? I know there is always some risk of getting unhealthy fish and plants, even from a good supplier, but I want to minimize my risk. Thanks!
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I live near That Fish Place, and they have a good facility, lots of plants types available. I've not had orders shipped by them before, but I have made orders and picked them up. is run by the brothers who do the podast Pet Fish Talk and they seem to have very satisfied customers and a very good system to ensure fish are well conditioned before overnight shipping them to you.

I wouldn't worry about ordering from either of these stores.
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other places you might want to look, Aquabid, it's like ebay for fish. good for rare, hard to get stuff. has good prices on supplies, I've orders a few filter parts from them.
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For plants, I'd strongly recommend buying from people on forums. You'll probably get a way better deal and selection than from the stores. I once got a box packed with enough plants to fill a 29g and 10g tank for $14. TPT and APC are two sites I've used, both with great success.

As for supplies, I've had good luck with F&S and Big Al's.
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I'm a repeat customer of, for both freshwater fish and plants. The fish and plants both come with a 14 day guarantee, which is a hell of a lot more than my LFS gives. They have a pretty broad selection of fish. Only once did the plants I ordered come with snails, the rest of the time the plants have been snail-free. (Snails are not a problem for me anyway, as the clown loaches gobble them up like tasty tasty snacks.)

I have heard good things about Aquabid but have never used them.

Seconding Big Al's for supplies. I've also used Drs Foster & Smith (they are affiliate with LiveAquaria) but prices tend to be better at Big Al's.
posted by ambrosia at 12:07 PM on May 21, 2010 is nice for auctions. is a good forum for tips and exchanging plants with other hobbyists . I buy my plants from aquabotanic and and have been happy with both. Drs Foster and Smith is nice for general supplies.
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