HElp my wife's birthday weekend be awesome!
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What is the nicest (or your favorite) restaurant in Klamath Falls, OR?

I'm taking Mrs. pdb to Crater Lake for her birthday, as she's never been. This is a surprise weekend, and I want to cap off a day at Crater Lake with a nice evening in K-Falls, where we're staying. What's a good place to have dinner there?

We're not super-formal people, we'd be OK with a good brewpub or similar, but it is her birthday and so I want to have a place in mind before we get there. That way I don't wander all over the place saying "Yep I know where I'm going" as I frantically scan the horizon for something that looks good.

Price isn't really a factor, but it does need to be in K-Falls itself; we'll be spending the morning/afternoon hiking and won't really want to drive around except to get back to the hotel and the town.
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I have a friend who grew up in Klamath Falls. His recommendation was Klamath Basin Brewing Company, which is new but has received favorable reviews.
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I don't know restaurants in KF, but wanted to quickly say that the last time I was at Crater Lake, my family and I stopped in at Crater Lake Lodge after sightseeing for appetizers and drinks. It has a really nice ambiance (and view, obviously). Could be something nice to do before heading into KF.
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