Did Obama do better among African-Americans or Prius owners?
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Did Barack Obama recieve a higher percentage of votes in the 2008 presidential election from African-Americans, or from Toyota Prius owners?

Or, if Prius-specific numbers aren't available, how about hybrid cars in general?
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I've never, ever heard of exit polling based on automotive drivetrain. What argument is this meant to settle, exactly?
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Are those two supposed to be mutually exclusive?
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No one is going to have these numbers. It's kind of a silly thing to ask, don't you think? I mean, sure, fun, but still silly.
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Best answer: 96% of black voters voted for Obama. There probably aren't any records of who voted for which 2008 presidential candidate based on vehicle ownership. It's very unlikely that over 96% of voters who own any particular product voted for Obama.
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Anecdotally, I regularly see a Prius on my commute (SF to Silicon Valley) that has a McCain/Palin bumper sticker on it. So that's one that voted Republican. Or it's an ironic sticker. Who knows?
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Using numbers harvested at random from google I come up with 18 million african-american votes for Obama (+/- 5 million, wikipedia tampering etc) vs 600,000 priuses sold in the US.

If you ask me, Muhammed Ali in his prime was much better than anti-lock brakes.
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Eh, this isn't going to exist, but we can try and cobble something together.

According to this article Prius and hybrid owners tend to make more money and are a bit older than other car buyers.

According to CNN's exit polling people making $100k or more a year and older than 50 tended to break around 50/50 for Obama.

According to the same exit polling, 95% of African Americans voted for Obama. So, even though we don't have solid numbers on this, it would seem that is it not likely.
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Yes, but Prius owners are a specific subset of those making $100k and older than 50. You can't generalize on that basis. Anyone willing to pay a premium on better mpg is going to be skewed from the mainstream. No way to know for sure, though.
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Best answer: here's an extremely unscientific poll of prius owners. plenty of conservatives.
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Best answer: Based on acidic's comment and my previous comment, I'm going to say the answer to your question is that a higher percentage of black voters than Prius owners voted for Obama.
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It's very unlikely that over 96% of voters who own any particular product voted for Obama.

I would think that over 96 percent of people who have Obama bumper stickers voted for Obama.

Also, if you drive long enough distances regularly then a hybrid car might be a reasonable choice purely on economic grounds. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that there's an area somewhere where there are a lot of Priuses just because people drive long distances. And long drives might be more common in sparsely populated areas where people tend to vote Republican.
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Conservatives might own Priuses to get off foreign oil, just to give you an analytic framework.
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Just another data point: Sideshow Bob, a Republican, drove a Prius in his recent appearance.
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I worked at an alternative fuels/biodiesel startup in 2006, and about half our customers were conservatives who wanted to get off foreign oil / use American-grown fuel / stop giving our money to them A-rabs. Some of them drove priuses as their daily driver and had us convert their picukups / tractors to grease deisel.
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Best answer: You already have your answer, but just to show that research *has* been done on this:

Just before the election, a Kelley Blue Book poll found Obama had a nine point lead over McCain among hybrid owners.

Given that McCain had 13 cars, and Obama just one, and Obama's was a hybrid, I'd say he should have been doing better among green drivers.

A 2007 study of hybrid owners found 38% are Democrats, 14% are Republicans and 34% are independents. Independents broke for Obama in 2008, but that still leaves a lot of hybrid-owning Republicans.

A 2004 survey
found 56% of hybrid drivers are Democrats, and 14% are Republicans.

This guy looked for Democratic primary voting patterns among Prius owners after an Ohio Clinton surrogate dismissed Obama voters as "I've got news for all the latte-drinking, Prius-driving, Birkenstock-wearing, trust fund babies." He found no patterns.

That research led to this blog post, where an array of Prius owners commented about how much they hate Obama.
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