What rules can I take advantage of before I turn thirty?
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Thirty seems to be an age that lots of government and other organisations use as an eligibility cut-off. What rules, loopholes, terms and conditions should I be taking advantage of before my birthday next month?

I'm not looking for general suggestions of 'things to do before you're thirty' (that list is long enough already!), but specifics of things I can do now that I won't be able to after 30, or vice versa. I'm in Australia.

For example, I know that I'll pay more for private health insurance for each year after 30 I wait to sign up, and that I'll no longer be eligible for cheap tickets at most theatres. On the plus side, it seems I will be able to rent a Ferrari
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Best answer: You'll no longer be eligible for working holiday maker visas in a number countries after 30 (or 31)

Theatre and dance companies tend to end their youth discount programmes at 26, so that's already gone :)
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In general, with anything that has an annual signup (discount travel cards etc.) and has an age limit, the thing to do is sign up (or renew) the day before your eligibility ends. This was certainly true of the Young Person's Railcard in the UK, which is for 16-25 year olds, but can be used up until your 27th birthday (because you renew it on the day before your 26th).

Of course, it all hinges on whether the rule is 'under 30' or '30 or under'.
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Best answer: wingless_angle stole my answer - although for some countries, the cutoff age is 35.

See the wikipedia entry on working holiday visas to get the full list.
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Become a youth ambassador
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