Help me find a psychiatrist in NYC
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Yet Another Shrink Search Question: Help me find a great psychiatrist in NYC. Bonus if they take Blue Cross/Blue Shield. Double bonus if they have experience with ADHD or PTSD.

Finding a doctor in this city is impossible. The BC/BS site gives me hundreds and hundreds of names, with no other information other than an address.

I know there have been a few *very* similar threads in the past, but most of the answers were sent via mefimail, so they're not all that useful for those of us who aren't the OP.

I'd encourage people to post answers in the comments to avoid this problem, but if you'd rather answer privately, send me a mefi message, or dantekgeek on gmail
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Eric Dammann

He takes insurance and on this site he specifically mentions PTSD (in green) as an area of specialty.

This is such an individual and subjective type of question. A great psychiatrist for one may not be a great fit for another. Eric Dammann has been a big help to "people I know".
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