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I want to brush up on my Hawaiian Pidgin. Are there any movies or books that contain a *lot* of good dialogue for me to soak up?
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Dakine brah.
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O0Oops. Sistah.
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Seconding Muirwylde's link -- Pidgin to da Max and Pidgin to da Max Hana Hou, available in one convenient 25th anniversary edition.
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Thirding PTDM & PTDM2, but just a heads-up: those books were written in the 80s. Just like English and every other language, new words have been added which (if your intention is to have conversations) may not be covered in these books. Urban Dictionary might help you with some of them.

And, FWIW, I'd say the heart of pidgin lies in the grammar, anyway. It's almost as if the way of life has infected the thinking, which in turn affects the language.

/proper English

k den.
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