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Where would I find a copy of the documentary "Fourteen Days In May" for private viewing.

I remember it as a very powerful documentary, even many years after seeing it once on British TV. I've been looking for a copy for a while, after a dicussion about capital punishment with my kids.
I can find copies with public performance rights for $150-00, but nothing priced at a more resonable level.
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Amnesty International Canada is selling a copy for $10/canadian, although it doesn't specify what format it's in (NTSC/PAL) or even if it's a DVD or VHS.
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Fourteen Days in May: The Capital Punishment Debate

Format: VHS / Price: $149.95
Format: DVD / Price: $149.95

Available only in the United States.

So, I assume that the video is NTSC and the DVD Region Code is 1 (USA and Canada).
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It is quite pricey at $149.95 - due to their "prices include public performance rights". I'd suggest contacting them to see if they have a lower-priced version, particularly since you intend to use it in your school curriculum.

Films for the Humanities and Sciences
PO Box 2053
Princeton, NJ ยท 08543-2053

Phone: 800-257-5126
Fax: 609-671-0266

Email To:
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"Can I preview videos before I buy them?"
Preview copies are available at no charge to qualified educational institutions and public libraries. Hospitals, health care organizations, and government agencies are charged a preview fee of $25. All other organizations are charged a fee of $50 per program. Contact our Princeton office on our web site or call your regional representative to arrange for previews.
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Thanks - I ordered a copy from Amnesty International Canada, although I had trouble giving them a USA address. I guess if they cant deliver to the US I just made a donation.

Sorry if I miscategorized this - it is for personal use, but Education was the category that jumped out at me as I scanned the list.
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