difference between bush/pole beans
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I planted some dry beans I bought in grocery store. They all sprouted. There were 5-6 varieties, big white ones, black ones, yellow etc. Is there any way for me to know are these going to be bush beans or pole beans? I would like to grow them on my balcony (to cover my wall) and I don't have much space. I would prefer pole or climbing beans, I don't have space for bush varieties. Would I be able to tell the difference when they grow into seedlings?
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There's no way to tell from the beans. But since you bought them from a grocery store, they are most likely bush beans. The commercial production of beans usually requires they be the bush varieties.
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Toekneesan has it. If they're produced in mass for sale in stores, they'd be harvested by machine, which means that they'll be bush beans. There's a 90+% certainty, I'd say.
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BUT if they were hybrid beans, there's no telling what you'll end up with.
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Best answer: You'll know pretty quickly one way or another, as pole beans put out a long top sprout fairly quickly (or at least the ones I have grown have).
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Response by poster: Thank you, all:)
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