Cheap DNS Registrar with mail forwarding?
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I've been using as my DNS registrar for the last decade, and it's always been a little shady looking, but gotten the job done. However, just in the last few months emails to the domain have slowed to a crawl or dropped altogether! To where should I transfer?

They charge US$12.00 a year, and forward up to 200 messages per day from to my gmail account.

So far so good, but lately it's taken ages for mail to arrive, and some of it hasn't shown up at all (at least one sender confirmed that she got a bounce-back saying I'd "reached the daily limit of mails"). And, besides, their 10 meg data limit is a little ridiculous these days.

I also use, but they charge a monthly fee for email forwarding, and I can't really afford that. I suppose it's possible that times have changed, and I should only give out my gmail address and give up on, but that's more than a little sad. Any suggestions?
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zoneedit is free for the first 5 domains. I've used it for years for DNS (though I've never used the mail forwarding, as I run my own mailserver).
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You could keep using, but not use their email forwarding. Google Apps is free and will let you use email directly for your domain name.
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There's no need to pay for forwarding. Google Apps (as zsazsa mentions) is exactly what this is for. It's free for personal use and allows mail to your domain to go straight to google. It also allows you to send mail from your domain (which it sounds like you're missing in your current setup).

It's very easy to set up. If you need help feel free to MeMail me.
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zoneedit is free for the first 5 domains. I've used it for years for DNS (though I've never used the mail forwarding, as I run my own mailserver).

2nd. And the one time i needed assistance they were quick about it. Free with good service is a win to me.
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Namecheap has been really good to me. I have two domains with them, both with fast and seamless forwarding to my gmail account. I also have some DNS entries for my home network. It's cheaper than what you're using now even.

These are both personal vanity domains that I use for email. They don't host anything. So YMMV if you need something more than that.
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Man, this is great! Google Apps, for the win. And I don't imagine I'll keep forking over my money to Dotster and Joker, now that I know about ZoneEdit--thanks!

One question, though--I currently funnel * to my gmail account (with some exceptions, like I don't quite see how to do that via apps, and I'm leery of hitting "go" and some name I'd forgotten about drop into the ether.

Obviously there's a way to day that, however...
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Er.. never mind!
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